Help us make our new music video

We want to make a video of cool dancing people (aka you guys) and we need your help!
As you may know we are releasing our third album “Afrotropism” in the fall, 13th of September. To celebrate this release we thought it would be cool to edit a video of our fans enjoying the music, moving your bodies.
We made a simple 3 step plan below and we really hope you want to participate. Feel free to make the video just the way you want to: Whole song, part of the song, one person, 1000 people, etc. - do it in the way it makes sense to you!
Here’s the plan:
Step 1: Get your camera/phone ready

Step 2: Film yourself/your friends/your soccer team/your workplace/your family dancing to our new track “Stretch Towards The Sun” (we prefer videos shot in horisontal mode) - you can stream it right here:

Step 3: Follow this link and upload your video:

We cannot wait to see what dance moves you find fitting for the new track!
IMPORTANT: By sending your videos to this project you allow us to use them in our music video.
All the original material will be password-protected and deleted after the finished video is done.